So far, we’re in the clear!

Just because several people have asked us: we are not the swine flu cases being reported upon in Regensburg. We are now 5 days past our exposure in Mexico City and we even did a self-imposed quarantine on Monday to see if either of us became symptomatic before going out and being around other people.

So, thanks to everyone who asked after our health. We’re fine so far – just jetlagged – but still observing carefully, just in case.

11 thoughts on “So far, we’re in the clear!”

  1. Snooker

    Happy to hear it… I was wondering!
    Welcome back.

  2. Christina | AmiExpat

    Just got your message, glad to hear you guys are fine. Tammy had said she’d spoken to you earlier and you were fine, but it’s good to hear it directly. Apparently there’s an “Ehepaar aus Regensburg” in the Uni-Klinik with signs of swine flu. That had me more worried than the case in Donauwörth.

  3. Sarah

    @Snooker: Thanks! We didn’t even know there was a problem until we got back home.

    @AmiExpat: I hadn’t heard about the couple in the Uni-Klinik. Did you get that from the news or did hear from someone else? Does Rainer have any information on them?

  4. Christina | AmiExpat

    It was on Bayern3 Nachrichten. Rainer doesn’t know anything, except that the consensus of the med school professors is that the news media is handling this irresponsibly.

  5. CN Heidelberg


  6. Christina | AmiExpat

    Rainer says the guy in the Uni-Klinik is in his 30s and just returned from Mexico. He’s glad to hear it’s not you guys, cause once he heard the age he was worried. He says there are reporters swarming the Klinik getting on all the doctors’ nerves.

  7. Mom

    It’s a pretty big deal around here, with so many kids having gone to Cancun last week. Hand-washing alert!

  8. Tqe / adam

    I’m equally glad to hear it’s not the two of you.

    See you soon!

  9. ian in hamburg

    Good to hear you guys are OK!

    I’d say the private news media – see Bild Zeitung – is handling this very irresponsibly. What I’ve seen on the public broadcasters, ie ARD and ZDF, is quite balanced and not inciting the masses to go out and empty the shelves of masks, run for the hills, etc.

    Then again, I’m quite biased…

  10. Jul

    Glad to hear it! I was kind of wondering, too….

    Hope you weren’t making out with any pigs while you were there.

    1. cliff1976

      Uh…just me.


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