Well, we didn’t really reduce our bottle count…

didn't reduce our bottle count…but I’d call the housewarming party a success!

We’d been thinking about doing a housewarming party for months and keeping a careful list of needed supplies, menu options, potential invitees and RSVPers. We’d gotten our place cleaned up and ready to go for not only the night of the festivities, but also four overnight guest beds.

And then after Sarah dutifully collected all the food and drinks, our confirmed guest list dropped from around 20 down to 13 — all but 2 of them due to illness. I would like to take a moment to restate that we brought a few fine things back with us from Mexico, but swine flu was not one of them.

As such, we didn’t need to use about half of the rooms we’d prepared for party mingling. It made for close quarters at times — isn’t it odd how popular the kitchen is for congregating? — but you know what? That worked surprisingly well, considering our mix of

  • remote expat blogger peeps
  • local expat peeps
  • work peeps
  • new neighbor peeps

The mood was great the whole night, and coffee and french toast made this morning gentler on us. All our guests have our heartfelt thanks for the housewarming gifts, libations and tasty treats brought to share, and of course the great conversations over the course of the weekend.

P.S. — if you took some pictures and would like to share them, email them (or links to them) to us and I’ll post them here.