We put the “Regen” in Regensburg today

Preamble to a thunderstormPreamble to a thunderstormGuess what happened about 3 minutes after I snapped these pictures?

I got totally drenched, then hailed upon, then drenched some more.

5 thoughts on “We put the “Regen” in Regensburg today”

  1. Snooker

    Impressive clouds!
    I really miss the “interesting” weather of the midwest.
    Shots like these make me pine for home… yeah, i’m a little sick that way

  2. tqe / Adam

    holy cow!

    We just had showers up here in Weimar, nothing that exciting!

  3. J

    Great pics.

    I’ve always wondered about the name Regensburg. Rain Castle?

  4. cliff1976

    Rain Castle?

    Kinda maybe, but not directly. The Latin name for the fortress at the northern-most point of the Danube was Castra Regina — “Fortress on the Regen.” The Regen is a river that intersects the Danube here.

    So…where did the Regen river get its name? That’s not entirely clear. In the Czech Republic, that river is known as Řezná. Does that mean “rain” in Czech? I really don’t know.

    And besides that, there are Celtic names for Regensburg that predate the Romans: “Radasbona”, “Ratasbona” or “Ratisbona”. These are still in use today. For example, when you use Google Maps in English you can see it. Is that related at all to the name of the river Regen? Doesn’t look like it to me, but if not is it just a pretty weird coincidence with those two syllables having the same initial consonants (Regensburg and Ratisbona).

    My sources for all of this stuff are wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt.

  5. CN Heidelberg

    Awesome! :D

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