I wanted Moldova to win

…and not just because I spend a lot of time in that area on work travel. I like that kind of music. Here’s their entry:

Read up on Eurovision if you’re curious about the contest.

6 thoughts on “I wanted Moldova to win”

  1. Yelli

    I was rooting for them too!!! :( What a great 1st Eurovision for me!

  2. Carrie Jo

    That was a good performance. I checked out some of them. Germany… MEH. Norway… MEH, minus the fiddlin’. Ireland was pretty good. Denmark was decent. The chick from Cyprus was sweet.

  3. cliff1976

    If you guys like that kind of music (Eastern European horns and strings go nicely with strong bass and beats), let me know and I might be able to arrange for some samples of similar stuff to find their ways to you.

  4. J

    I quite liked their act too.

  5. Sarah

    I was behind both Moldova (genuine appreciation of the music) and Ukraine (trashy Eurovision glory). The rest of it was pretty disappointingly dull.

  6. Tammy

    I wanted them to win too!!!! Europeans have no taste in music – :-P

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