Ahh, the café life…

It becomes me, don’t you think?  Sarah snapped this picture of me enjoying an almond-flavored Caffe Latte and raspberry cheesecake at our local café.  And, due to the shade, the gratis blanket usage. 

I could get have gotten used to this.

3 thoughts on “Ahh, the café life…”

  1. Snooker

    I’m with ya man… long live the cafe culture!!

  2. Mom

    I LOVE the blankets on the chairs! Maybe we’ll do that at the cottage… come on over, sit down, here’s a blanket and a beverage. Oh wait, that’s what we do at Carolyn’s house. :)

  3. Carolyn

    If the house is cold, you can blame dad for all the years of “put on a sweatshirt if you’re cold”. ;o) At least the coffee is good and most of the desserts are too!

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