Shantel and Bucovina Club Orkestar in Lappersdorf

Last night Sarah and I and some colleagues from work with the most similar tastes in music to ours met up outside the village of Lappersdorf.  What better way to experience slightly creepy circus music than under a circus tent?  That was in fact the venue, wrapping up a festival of various acts on the Freizeitgelände “Alter Regen.”  Tickets were 14€ if you bought in advance or 16€ at the door.  Sarah procured ours in advance and we were quite pleased to see that they were valid as RVV (local public transit) tickets for four hours before and until close-of-business on the night of the concert.  Other cool stuff:  free parking for those who drove and the beer was actually reasonably priced (3€ for a 0,5 — just barely more than standard restaurant pricing).

The best shots of the evening (I really need to get an external flash):

3 thoughts on “Shantel and Bucovina Club Orkestar in Lappersdorf”

  1. Tammy

    looks like there was a lot of jumping involved in the concert.

  2. CN Heidelberg

    OOh, I’m all jealous you have coworkers with similar taste in music. So Frankfurt this weekend…hmmmm. Wish it was in HD so I didn’t have to buy train tix…I will have to look into it! I’m not sure I’m cool enough, I mean, what will I wear!? Yes, I’m regressing to junior high at the moment.

  3. cliff1976

    Tammy: oh yes — quite a bit. All walks of life, too. Toward the end of the concert it sort of turned into a dance party with would-be go-go dancers who missed their shot 20 years ago jammin’ out on stage along with the younger generation.

    CNH: Yeah, I’m lucky to have a few with whom my playlists overlap. They’d recommended Beirut to me and went out on a limb to attend this concert based on my recommendation after having heard those few songs from you and purchasing the rest of the album. I’m pleased to report they weren’t disappointed!

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