on our way to Budapest

on our way to Budapest

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Long weekend (4 days), so Sarah and our pal Monet are OTW to Budapest to
check it out for the first time. Not sure what awaits us there in terms of
WLAN or other network connections, but our hotel sounded swanky, so there’s
hope…could be a while before you hear from us again.

This shot taken with our built-in webcam at Coffee Fellows t Nürnberg Hbf,
where they do have free WLAN!

4 thoughts on “on our way to Budapest”

  1. J

    Hope you love Budapest as much I as I do.

    1. cliff1976

      Not sure how much you love it, but we certainly are enamored of it. We’re at the same free internet cafe as on the way out, waiting for the final stretch of this trip (Nürnberg to Regensburg via BayernTicket) to happen. Details ASAP; stay tuned.

  2. Mom

    Can’t wait! Will check in later; off to beat the rain and get the lawn mowed.

  3. Michelle

    I will be heading there in a few weeks for a weekend. looking forward to hear some more about it!

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