Asus EeePC 701 4GB Xandros WPA


Feel free to ignore the alphabetic soup in the title.

I’d been bugging everyone I know with a netbook for a few months now. We bought a very slightly used one before our trip to Berlin, but oddly, I couldn’t get the wireless networking working in the hotel (though it was working at home on our WEP-secured network). Then we took it with us to Budapest, and it was working at the free wireless network cafe at the Nürnberg Hbf…but not on the WPA-secured network at the hotel.

We got back from Budapest last week. Took the netbook over to Matthias and Tammy’s for dinner last night, hoping to figure out why it would work on our wireless network at home, but apparently no one elses’.

Today some googling helped me find my answer: the drivers supplied for the on-board Atheros WLAN card don’t work (entirely)!

Follow the advice here ( to get rid of the default drivers and install replacement ones. Worked for me. I switched over our network here at home to WPA. After replacing the drivers, I can connect to our WPA-PSK-secured network. This post is the proof.

Can’t wait to take it over to Tammy & Matthias’ place (or another wifi hotspot with WPA security) to verify.