Why does the stage within earshot always suck the most?

It’s festy time again here in Regensburg. This is the second time in two weeks we’ve suffered through Sweet Home Alabama / Werewolf in London / the awful Kid Rock fusion of the two has been within earshot of our apartment.

This time it’s Bürgerfest. Coming home from work late night (it was another 10-hour day…not fond of those), I noticed a klezmery sound coming from the extreme east end of our island. Turns out it was a Shantelly-kind-of-band — lots of horns with plenty of Eastern European intricacy. They even whipped out a fancy version of Hava Nagila before I got thirsty and we headed back to the apartment through the crowds enjoying the craprock. No really, it was bad. Think Zydeco-flavored renditions of that awful Inner Circle song “Sweat” from 1992 done by dudes in Tracht but with Rasta wigs on.

Not making that up.