Ow. Thai chilis hurt a long time.

I was trying to emulate the recipe for Skhug at wikipedia.org using locally-available materials. We can get fresh green Thai chilis, but not jalapeños or serranos as recommended by the recipe there. Anyhow, the recipe there is off by a mile regarding salt. Don’t trust it. But I’m not throwing in the towel on my quest for Skhug yet.

This continued effort will give me another opportunity to not in any way touch my eyes or other mucus membranes with any body part in direct contact with the peppers from the chopping/seeding phase of preparation. I washed repeatedly, but my fingers are still tingling and I’ve had to stop everything at least twice tonight to give my eyes a chance to water the capsicum oils off of them.


6 thoughts on “Ow. Thai chilis hurt a long time.”

  1. Mom

    STOP WASHING OR RINSING! THAT MAKES IT WORSE. USE MILK AS A SOAKING SOLUTION FOR FINGERTIPS OR SOAK A CLOTH IN IT AND HOLD IT UP TO YOUR EYE. Geez, I wish I’d known this sooner. Really, do not keep washing as you are rinsing away your own natural protection.

  2. spooneb

    Have you considered latex gloves while chopping? Recommended in the finest Indian cookbooks and I figure those crazy kids know from handling peppers. Carry on.

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks for the advice, Mom and Spooneb.

      FYI, the eye thing is OK again. My left hand still feels a little sunburnt — maybe I’ll bathe it in milk a little later. I think next time I will use some latex gloves. I just hate the small of them and tried to avoid them for that reason.

  3. tqe / Adam

    It’s always good to get motherly advice :)

    I was going to suggest that if you could, maybe you could cut the peppers while they are in a bowl of water–although that might dilute the seeds in the inside.

    That said, I would go with your mother’s advice instead.

  4. cliff1976

    Adam: I was trying to strip them of their seeds, so I split them in two and scraped the seeds out to discard them. The next step was to mash them up with a mortar and pestle. And these were pretty small peppers to start with. So cutting them underwater would not have been an option. I think I’ve got to invest in special gloves if I am to avoid the hassle of a milk bath.

  5. christina

    Oooh, sorry about the chilis. Yes, those latex gloves are cheap and great for stuff like that. I always wash off the powdery stuff on them and then they’re not so icky.

    BTW – I can’t get into the Expat Meet Up site. Is it broken?

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