Provence July 2009

Today Sarah and I drove my parents to their airport for their departure after three action-packed weeks bopping around Europe. You already saw our pictures from the Italian leg of the trip, right? (If not, see the next most recent post.) Here’s a very brief run-down of the Provence leg of the trip, which was a solid week in Remoulins with day trips out pretty much every day to explore local stuff.

  • We flew into Marseille on a Lufthansa flight from Munich.  We very nearly missed the flight thanks to the rail system (not sure if it was ALX or DB’s fault…but it sure was stressful).
  • We picked up our rental car, a Fiat Punto (pretty small for four adults and light luggage) at the airport in Marseille and drove out to Remoulins, where a rental cottage on the grounds of a Chambre d’Hôte awaited us.  We loved the location of our lodging, but it was pretty cramped for four adults and rather poorly equipped.  More on that later, perhaps.
  • Every day we planned to do something new and even when we were too tired, sweaty, or hungry to follow through on our plans, something easier and more local kept us interested.
  • We ate a ton of fresh fruit, stuff right off the vine, tree, etc.  I’ve never had white nectarines before, but I’ll be looking for them now.  Sadly, I doubt they’ll taste as good as ones from the road-side stands in Provence, but I’ll try them anyway.  Most of that fruit goes great with goat cheese and another local product, wine.  Yum!
  • We planned to visit l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Aix-en-Provence, and Avignon and were pleased with all of those.  Smaller places, like Uzès and Gordes and Castillon-du-Gard were complete (and welcome) surprises – cute places we just stumbled upon in search for WiFi (not every McDonald’s offers it) or a landromat open through lunch.

Here’s the map, to give you a rough idea:

View Provence July 2009 in a larger map

Here are my favorite pictures from the past three weeks (below). You can see all the pictures we took here.

7 thoughts on “Provence July 2009”

  1. Margot Milner

    Tee hee. Van-Ly and I are honoured. It was good to see you.

  2. Yelli

    I love white nectarines. They used to have them (only seasonally of course) in the Pacific Northwest. Our local fruit stand used to call them Ghost nectarines or something silly like that but we still gobbled them while they were available!

    Your pics are great and your parents looked like they had a great time!

  3. cliff1976

    Margot: great to see you, too.

    Yelli: Thanks, we all had a great time. It was cool exploring Italy in a way that didn’t suck, and the South of France was as welcoming as ever, with a nice mixture of old and new stuff to see.

  4. Mom

    We loved it and are planning to go back. I live in a fruit crop state and still can’t stop exclaiming over the peaches and nectarines we enjoyed there. (Maybe it was the company! :) Thanks again for all the planning and your vacation time.

  5. Mom

    Check this picture. Looks like what we thought was a tiny hummingbird, doesn’t it?

    Still thinking about Provence! I read today the Brad and Angelina have a home there. Oh, oh!

  6. Mom

    Here’s a better one. I bet you have as good a shot.

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