Facebook on the global stage

I have still not yet signed up for Facebook. Seems like I’m hearing a lot of complaints from friends who do use it that it’s become bloated and a super time-waster. So, I’m fine with that.

But then a friend forwarded me these (click ’em):

Ahmadinejad Berlusconi Merkel Obama

I rather like the humor. Thanks to pal Simone for having sent them me.

3 thoughts on “Facebook on the global stage”

  1. Carrie

    Sweet. Heehee.

    Nate fell to the Darkside, by the way. Muhoohahahaha…

  2. Tammy

    I still don’t get how people waste time on Facebook, but I find it useful for being in the loop with some friends who use it to communicate.

  3. Snooker68

    Come to the dark side CLIFF.

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