New Theme: Sénanque

We’ve been back from our France for some time now, but it hasn’t escaped our thoughts.  I’ve developed another WordPress theme based on my impressions from a trip to Provence.  I named this latest one after the abbey we visited.  It’s mostly ready for public consumption at this point, with some final touches necessary as I stumble across them.

If you’re not seeing a new look to the old Regensblog, click here to force your browser to show you the new design.  You can switch back to a familiar one anytime you like using the links in the navigation area labelled “Themey Stuff.”

5 thoughts on “New Theme: Sénanque”

  1. Hezamarie

    nice theme. We’re not ashamed we’ve been twice there already. But I’m oh so jealous that you were there as the lavender was blooming ;-)

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks, Hezamarie!

      Next time, we’re going back with a truck or van or something (per Sarah) to make sure we can bring back all we wanted to THIS time.

      We planned the trip specifically to coincide with the lavender blooming; it worked out well:

  2. Tammy

    My favorite theme so far!

    1. cliff1976

      Why thanks, Tammy!

      Another perk of this one: it fits nicely into low-res browser, like our netbook’s.

  3. Snooker68

    Nice, I’m lovin’ it!
    AND jealous that you were there for the lavender.

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