Malaysian model, mother to be caned for drinking beer in public –

Malaysian model, mother to be caned for drinking beer in public –

Check that story out. This is why we haven’t visited and aren’t planning any trips to Indonesia, Malaysia (Truly Asia!), or similar places.

Too crazy!

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  1. Tammy

    Yeah, I am with you there. I’d love to go (truly Asia after all) but I am afraid I would be arrested for violating some law I had never heard of!

  2. Jul

    If I refused to travel to all countries which have shitty laws, I’d have almost nowhere to go; but I hear you on stuff like this. Places where women have severely restricted rights scare the shit out of me. So far I’ve avoided them.

  3. J

    You have no idea what you’re missing. Malaysia is a very interesting country with a lot to offer. At no time was I ever afraid of violating a law. Unless you do drugs or other illegal things like that then you shouldn’t have a problem.

    The lady in question broke a law, so she is being punished for it. If Sarah were to drink a beer at a hotel bar, she wouldn’t have anything to worry about because the law only applies to Muslims, and I don’t think she is one.

    You’re missing a lot by being quite selective about where you visit.

  4. Sarah

    @J: It wouldn’t be a good vacation if I couldn’t sleep, wondering if money I put into the economy found its way into the pocket of a professional caner. Sharia law freaks me out. A country that enforces religion with the threat of corporal punishment scares me. Some avid travelers just have deal-breakers and that’s one of mine.

    1. cliff1976

      Unless you do drugs or other illegal things like that

      It’s that “like that” which is troubling me. Apparently being Muslim is incompatible with having a beer in public. I would not have detected an opportunity to get caned for that, so I am seriously wondering what laws I would be violating without knowing it.

      the law only applies to Muslims

      Which ones are the laws that only apply to everyone else?

      Oh yeah, and is the bar tender on the hook for having served her? Maybe he should have asked to see her religion card before offering up what she ordered. I haven’t seen any mention of that.

  5. Mom

    I’m with you on that one, Sarah. The last I heard of the case was that the woman requested that her punishment also be public, so the system will be held up for the world to see. While I agree that any set of values is valid for the members who live by those values and I can’t be opposed just because they are different from my own, in my opinion, Sharia law is capricious, harsh, and thoroughly biased against women. Countries that embrace it do not get my money. When that twit of an American kid was threatened with caning for an act of vandalism in Singapore, I supported it. The citizens of a country get to choose their laws. That doesn’t seem to be how Sharia law works. MANY Muslims do not agree with it.

  6. mom

    This issue of the New Yorker magazine has a useful article about the conflict between conservative Muslims and the rest of Malaysian culture, and the growth of Islamic militancy in what has been a fairly heterogeneous society. I’m sorry the link doesn’t give you the whole article, but it addresses the results of colonial interference and the struggle for ethnic identity in a country with a very mixed heritage . The imposition of Sharia law is one response to the lack of cohesive efforts to put a “face” to Malaysia, but while it is feared, it is neither popular nor representative.


  7. 007

    The year is 2009 and they cane people for drinking beer…. should we even bother with such a statement? Are we still in the middle ages so primitive are we, we can’t come up with any better law than to cane someone for drinking beer. The next law will be water….please, someone shoot the guy who comes up with such crazy ideas. Since when are you forced to obey a religion, religion is there for believers and its up to you whether you want to follow, but when they make it a law you know its been used as a tool.

    1. cliff1976

      @007: are you a Malaysian? Just curious, because your use of the word “we” above surprised me a little bit.

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