travel agent recommendations?

We’re looking at some potentially complicated travel:

  • There are no non-stop flights to our destination from anywhere near us.
  • There are no flights that will take us all the way to the destination via our airline alliance of choice.
  • Some of the best deals we’ve found via our airline alliance of choice for the long-haul part of the trip would require an overnight stay in a foreign (to us, sorta) city before travel on an off-brand airline could continue to our final destination.
  • Booking airline tickets à la carte scares the bejeezus out of me, since I’m not a travel agent and don’t know how to set up interline ticketing for myself. I would hate to miss a connecting flight due to a delay on the first flight and have to purchase a second connecting flight ticket.
  • Four bullets really would have been plenty for a post like this.

So my fellow expatriate globetrotters living in Germany: can you recommend us a travel agent? Preferably one with a branch here in Regensburg? I’d love some consumer experiences to help me decide. We’ve never used a travel agent for anything before.