travel agent recommendations?

We’re looking at some potentially complicated travel:

  • There are no non-stop flights to our destination from anywhere near us.
  • There are no flights that will take us all the way to the destination via our airline alliance of choice.
  • Some of the best deals we’ve found via our airline alliance of choice for the long-haul part of the trip would require an overnight stay in a foreign (to us, sorta) city before travel on an off-brand airline could continue to our final destination.
  • Booking airline tickets à la carte scares the bejeezus out of me, since I’m not a travel agent and don’t know how to set up interline ticketing for myself. I would hate to miss a connecting flight due to a delay on the first flight and have to purchase a second connecting flight ticket.
  • Four bullets really would have been plenty for a post like this.

So my fellow expatriate globetrotters living in Germany: can you recommend us a travel agent? Preferably one with a branch here in Regensburg? I’d love some consumer experiences to help me decide. We’ve never used a travel agent for anything before.

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  1. Dave

    I don’t know a travel agent, but recently took a trip:
    Munich => Hong Kong (via Paris, with Air France)
    [one night in Hong Kong, getting a headstart on the jet lag, with great food + seeing some sights]
    Hong Kong => Taipei (with EVA) one day later

    On the way back I stayed in HK for 3 1/2 days and saw a lot of the sights. If your “interim” city is a fun one like mine, just do the second booking with enough time in between that you wouldn’t be in risk of ticket re-buy if the first flight was massively delayed.

    1. cliff1976

      Well, we were trying to avoid the extra overnight accomodations, too. Oh, and Pittsburgh. But we may have found a compromise that’s acceptable using less-than-preferred airlines, but at least the flights all line up together and the airlines will know why we’re late on the second flight, if necessary. More details to come after the actual purchase. Cross your fingers.

  2. Dave

    Aah, Pittsburgh… that would explain it ;-). Good luck!

  3. Sam

    I used First Travel for 10 years before switching my job. I now use a little agency called Hupfauer in Augsburg (Maike Moser is the best agent). However, I mainly just travel in Europe and the middle east, I don’t know how good they will work for you with a tricky connection in the US. My Golden Rule if at all possible is to connect in Europe and not do connections in the US, that only works because my destinations are usually only Seattle, San Fran, or New York.

  4. Sarah

    Thanks Dave and Sam! Here’s some closure:

    I took the flights I found and went to a couple of different agencies in town. While the treatment I received was wildly different at each, the message was the same: it can’t be done the way you want it. So, we went ahead and purchased from Orbitz and gave up on Star Alliance.

    The funny thing is that, while searching Orbitz, I found the exact flights I wanted in one ticket! It just cost nearly double to purchase it on one itinerary than buying the tickets à la carte. Grrrr!

  5. Dave

    Aah, bummer. I saw that same price thing with the tickets to HK / Taiwan. I would have paid $400 more to have it on one itinerary through Orbitz, so I did it separately. The extra day of hotel in HK was about $60 and I got a day to look around the city… so no loss there!

    Enjoy your trip. I had decent experience with Travel Overland in Munich by Ostbahnhof, but only for package trips, and that’s a bit far from you ;-)

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