They know who reads their flyers

The following post contains a combination of near nudity, kitchen & bath hardware and innuendo. Just so you know.

"Easy for you!"  "Eckeinstieg - corner entrance, covering up the crack"I had the day off today — not by choice. It was forced time-off as a cost-savings measure. So, with the coming winter, we decided to explore our portable heating options for our guest suite. I pulled up the website for Globus Baumarkt out in Neutraubling, next to IKEA, and downloaded their current flyer to see if, by chance electric heaters were on special currently. I happened (pure chance, I promise!) upon the image pictured here and pretty much fell out of my chair laughing. I showed Sarah and then we pondered the ad together. Here are the thoughts which ran through our collective head:

  • “What exactly are they selling here‽”
  • “Good thing they showed us that woman showering so that we know what that product is for.”
  • Eckeinstieg? Did they put that sign there on purpose? Well, why not there? And isn’t that standard, anyways?”

6 thoughts on “They know who reads their flyers”

  1. cliff1976


    Upon arrival at the store this afternoon, Sarah and I found no one at all taking a break for a relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating shower on the showroom floor.

    Nor was anyone using any of the sauna cabins (3-bench and single-seat models available) on display.

  2. Kathy

    Love it! Coming from ultra conservative Utah ….German or European regards to nudity still shocks me! But I laugh more at it now. That is classic.

  3. Yelli

    I am sure you were very disappointed! I would have been! I am sure I am showing my age here but did you find any empty Calgon bottles laying around in the displays???

  4. cliff1976

    Kathy: welcome (your first comment here, right?)! I like to think of myself as no prude, but the difference in attitudes, marketing, not-even-pay-channel-tv, etc. still catches me by surprise after five years now and then.

    Yelli: you must be referring to the

    Calgon, take me away!

    series of commercials from the mid-80s. There were plenty of tubs available to look at, but no occupants to be found.

    Although we did see a few nudie or nearly-nudie pics on shower door/head/etc. packaging. I wonder why they didn’t ever show any nude dudes? Or more than one occupant for the showers that were obviously designed for more than one person? There was one model with dutch doors and the text claimed it was intended for the whole family because you could easily shower off your dirty kids from outside the shower if you open the top door. Or your (presumably little) kids could enter via the bottom half of the dutch door set. No pictures there to be seen, either.

    The most bizarre packaging art we saw was featuring a matching bra-and-panties model in a shower. Now who does that

  5. Sam

    Well, not sure if I should be happy or sad that you were finally exposed (hurr, hurr) to this. I’ve had the newspaper for the 12 years I have been here and can say that both Globus and Bauhaus have been advertising like this for as long as I can remember. I think the photos may actually be coming from the producer of the showers, now that I think on it.

  6. ann

    I am in an industry where we get to see an ad or two, and there are a couple of manufacturers who use “lightly clothed ladies” to advertise their heavy machinery. Always a hoot. At least bathing has something to do with nakkedei. (I’ve been in a university lab in Austria that had life-size lingerie ads up. Some of the cultural difference have to do with higher levels of acceptance of “boys will be boys” than goes in the litigious US and not just the history of FKK.)

    I’ll have to read the ad again, though, because I didn’t pick up on any inuendo.

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