Garlic Bread

Our Netto practically across the street from us has closed with very little warning (about a week). This is bad news; it means the only grocery store on the island is the Biomarkt next to the Netto. Not that the Biomarkt itself is inherently bad, but the selection is not terribly good and everything there is expensive. One of the things we won’t be able to just stop in and pick up at Netto anymore is frozen bake-it-yourself garlic bread.

But then I found this recipe — and maybe that’s a silver lining. This is fast, easy, cheap, and most importantly, tasty.

1 baguette
5 T (62g) butter, softened
2 t olive oil
3 large cloves garlic, crushed
1 t oregano
salt and pepper to taste
a little shredded cheese (we like fluffy parmesan)

Cut the baguette in half the long way, splitting it open. Cut the halves into serving-sized pieces. In a small bowl, mix butter, olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. Spread the mixture evenly on the bread slices. On a medium baking sheet, arrange the slices evenly and broil a few minutes, until slightly brown. Check frequently so they do not burn. Remove from broiler. Top with cheese and return to broiler another minute or two, until cheese is slightly brown and melted. Serve at once.

3 thoughts on “Garlic Bread”

  1. an

    Is this the G-bread that you made when I was over?? If so, it is much tastier than Netto´s. Oh and that sucks. Tammy and I were saying how great that you have a little shop right around the corner.

  2. cliff1976

    an: nope, this is a different one. The one you had involved mayonnaise, and we thought it was OK, but not really worth it. The mayo didn’t add enough to bother including it next time. So I found this recipe instead.

    But as long as the bakery around the corner from us stays in business and there are baguettes to be had, I guess we won’t be needing frozen garlic bread from anyone anymore. I’d like to play with this recipe and incorporate fresh rosemary from our windowbox as well — while it’s still kicking, I mean. Next year, we’ll give another shot at maintaining fresh basil, too.

  3. CN Heidelberg

    Thanks for this! I planned to make garlic bread tonight and after setting out the butter and picking off some garlic cloves, I realized I was feeling too damn lazy to come up with my own proportions. So I made your recipe. :) (To be eaten in a few minutes!)

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