No more Netto in Stadtamhof — at least not until 2011

I got this information from TV Aktuell, the local TV station.

Our neighborhood grocery store closed last Monday, leaving our island in the Danube even more isolated. We’ve got no bus service due to the Protzenweiher Brücke being closed to traffic since it melted as a result of a barge collision a couple years ago. Up til now, Netto was very convenient and perhaps a reason why the citizens (not us) and inhabitants (us) have not yet revolted about the delayed bridge repairs and bus routes and transportation issues.

But I wonder if this was the last straw. One of the contributing factors when we decided to move here was the relative quiet — there’s really not a lot of car traffic around here, considering how close to the main drag we live, and all the businesses directly on it. But another major contributing factor was the availability of a supermarket, biomarkt, bakery, and butcher one 30-second walk out the front door of our building. Scratch the supermarket option, I guess.

Apparently, here’s what’s going on:

  • The owner of the building housing the Netto store needs to renovate the building (and this is obvious to anyone who walks by — it’s decrepit).
  • While the renovation is happening, no grocery store or anything else is going to be there.
  • The city of Regensburg pleaded with Netto to set up shop in another vacant building on the island and even offered to pay for a tent or something as a temporary shop, but Netto refused.
  • Renovation is scheduled to begin by March 2010.
  • Another grocery store — perhaps even Netto again — will set up shop in that building after the renovation is complete starting sometime in 2011.
  • So, this will be at least a year of hiking across the bridge back to the grocery stores we mostly used before we moved, unless they open up the Steinerne Brücke to bus traffic or fix the Protzenweiher Brücke and enable bus traffic via that route.

Here’s some local reaction. For the language enthusiasts, note the diversity of accents. It ranges from nearly hochdeutsch to pretty deep oberpfälzisch. Pretty representative of the various flavors of language we confront every day. Those of you who have visited Regensburg know what I’m talking about.

11 thoughts on “No more Netto in Stadtamhof — at least not until 2011”

  1. Tammy

    Bummer! I was just starting to get to know their selection! It was the closest local store to us too.

  2. cliff1976

    Yeah, we’re pretty annoyed about that. I hope the store that eventually ends up there is NOT a Netto.

    I was just reading on the city of Regensburg’s website that Netto even turned down a free shuttle bus offer. I guess you (as a customer) would walk up to the Netto store at its current location in Stadtamhof and catch a free shuttle bus over to another Netto location on Donaustauferstraße. Not a bad deal — not quite as convenient as the Netto itself, but a bunch better than hoofing it across one of the bridges to Edeka, the Arnulfsplatz Netto, Norma, or paying for a bus ride to Real or Kaufland.


  3. Mandi

    Wow, you guys get extra brownie points for having to understand oberpfälzisch. I couldn’t understand a single word from a couple of those folks that were interviewed! Sometimes I think we get off a little too easy in Hamburg in terms of dialect, but most of the time I’m downright thankful. I’m sure if and when I move somewhere else in Germany, it’s going to kick me in the butt!

  4. Sarah

    Thanks Mandi!

    When we vacation in places like Berlin and Hamburg, we revel in the crisp, clean, clear speech of the locals.

  5. tqe | Adam

    What a fantastic mess — and I mean that in a generous way.

    I wonder if pressures will force any changes to the madness.

  6. Dave

    Arr, typisch Deutsch! Good luck with getting something new in there with all speed. Those frozen garlic breads are a staple ;-)

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks Dave. Maybe the garlic bread dependency can be considered second priority, now that we’ve got a good, easy recipe of our own. But losing access to ALL groceries Netto had to offer has come as a bit of a shock.

      Especially when you consider that Netto was founded in Regensburg back in the day and has its HQ just outside Regensburg in Maxhütte-Haidhof!

  7. ann

    So sorry to hear about the inconvenience. We just got a Netto in the buidling where I work after a switch from Plus. It’s only “meh”. Will you be taking larger trips with the car?

    My favorite word in the interviews – Wohnwagen – that little muscle tone in the lips – how does she do that?

  8. cliff1976

    ann: Ours was a Sudi first, then a Plus for a few months, and then it became a Netto-City before finally closing down. It was never our preferred shopping venue, due mostly to the limited selection, but it was close and the fresh produce was usually of quite good quality. Above all, it was convenient for their opening hours of 06:00 – 20:00 M-S. Unbeatable (around here at least)!

    “Wohnwong” — kind of reminds me of the terminology Sixt used in the Oktoberfest-themed version of their site as noted here.

    What’s the local flavor like where you live?

  9. cliff1976

    Will you be taking larger trips with the car?

    Neglected to address that earlier, sorry.

    We’re pretty determined to get along in Regensburg without owning a vehicle not powered by ourselves. I bike to work and Sarah carries out errands on foot. Groceries are mostly pack-muled back to our apartment by Sarah (very occasionally by me on my bike), or when car-having friends very graciously take pity on us and allow us to tag along with them.

  10. Tammy

    No pity involved for my offer of car rides. Sarah’s company prevents me from doing the horrible task of shopping alone. I can handle doing shopping if I have good company. I have been known to skip car shopping trips when she can’t make it!

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