Edinburgh Day 3

I was dumb today and forgot to pack my camera as we left the rental apartment. Or was I? These shots from our little Samsung ES55 and they seem pretty good to me at first glimpse. But I’m looking at them on our netbook too, so maybe my opinion will change when we get home.

Today was our shopping day. Not sure why, but we like to acquire kitchen implements when traveling. A cheese grater in Erfurt, a glove for slicing only our food and not yourself in Kansas City — this tradition is growing. Our garlic press will now forever remind of of our trip to Edinburgh.

We explored the Princes Street Gardens and strolled up around the west side of hill upon which Edinburgh Castle sits and had a look. We decided not cough up the £11 (£14 if you want the audio guide) as we were beginning to get cold and tired. So we headed back down the Royal Mile and into some good shopping.

The weather was not as cooperative today. It was really windy all day, inverting all kinds of umbrellas (but not ours, ha!) and when the rain came down the hardest after we made our way back to Princes Street, we ducked into some department stores. I snagged some new duds; maybe some pictures of them will appear here soon.

Ready for the slideshow? Here you are:

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  1. headbang8

    I’d forgotten what a beautiful city Edinburgh is.

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