Another Weekend in Weimar and Erfurt

When we learned of the Mauerfall Spezial for 20€ tickets to anywhere in Germany, we jumped on it. We weren’t sure where we wanted to go, so when TQE graciously suggested we stay with him, we thought “Why not? He’s the one who told us about the special price, after all!”

So on Friday after getting my 40 hours in for the week I bolted out of work and Sarah and I headed “up North” (man, that term just feels wrong when it’s not applied to Michigan) to visit TQE and check out Erfurt. I’d been there once before, but Sarah didn’t get to explore it with me as she was departing for a shopping in London with pal Monet at the time. Erfurt is a neat-looking place with an intact medieval town center and a swell modern tram system. I’m glad to have seen it again and pleased as punch to squeeze in a visit with TQE.

We managed to take nine trains over the course of this weekend, and every single one of them was on time. I know how much it chafes when DB leaves you in the lurch, but this weekend, they met our expectations easily. Except, maybe in the translation department. Anyone know what the heck is going on here? It’s a small placard on a compartment in an ICE we took from Saalfeld to Nürnberg this afternoon:

Is that a (mis)translation from “Hahn” to “cooks”? Or just a misspelling (perhaps one ‘o’ too many and one ‘c’ too few)?

In other news, if you’re going to ask someone to send you barbecue sauce from back home in the states (because it’s just that good in your home area), make sure you have them package it as well as my mother-in-law did. This jar/bottle (not sure, haven’t opened it yet) of Rosedale sauce would have been a disaster if not for her clever use of an air-tight plastic bag. The other bottles and jars managed to not get seasick in transit, and had better seals to begin with. Only Rosedale’s crummy (non-existant?) seal was suspect and Susie’s instinct was straight as an arrow on this one (but not on the Bull’s Eye, thankyouverymuch).