Now that is ironic. Don’t praise DB on your blog.

I know how much it chafes when DB leaves you in the lurch, but this weekend, they met our expectations easily.

I was just singing the DB praises yesterday, and now look what happened.

It’s 19:30 and I’m stuck in Nürnberg Hbf OTW home from my meeting with my boss. My train was supposed to depart at 18:31. It got to the station 30 minutes late and won’t depart for who knows how long while they make room for us on a detour route around the tracks connecting Nürnberg and Regensburg directly because they dug up a (presumably old) bomb at a construction site near the tracks somewhere between here and Neumarkt. They’re re-routing us via Ingolstadt, but that’s taking forever.. I’m not taking any calls on my cell phone so my beautiful American English won’t give me away, in case it’s one of ours. I don’t think even a Canadian or British accent would help me out here much. Maybe Irish though. They were neutral in WW2, right?