Five Munich Christmas Markets and an upcoming trip to Turkey

Englischer Garten near Chinesicher Turm

Englischer Garten near Chinesicher Turm

Yesterday we headed down to the Munich Airport in Freising to scope out some deals for Christmas travel. We were thinking about some place exotic, and at least kind of warm (though a fantastic deal on a trip to Iceland would not have been out of the question), wanting to add another country to our list. Cyprus, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco and even Thailand were in the mix. In the end, we opted for a 10-night stay in the Turkish Riviera region at an all-inclusive resort. Since we’re going toward the end of December, we’re not expecting weather particularly well-suited for pool lounging; rather we’re hoping for more opportunities to check out the area. The travel agent assured us that hotel-arranged and public transport would meet our needs for getting out and around. Feedback in advance about the area will be much appreciated!

After that, we met up with the Zurikas and caught a bus to the Chinesischer Turm in the Englischer Garten in Munich. We hit the Christmas Market there and snagged some adorable mugs as memorabilia. We didn’t have to renege on the deposit at all — they’ll happily sell you clean, unused mugs for the same price as the deposit on the one you just drained.

After that, we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying four, yes four! additional Christmas markets:

  • The artsy one in Schwabing
  • The one at Sendlinger Tor, where I purchased some really nifty “glittens” — fingertipless gloves with a removable mitten-like hood over the otherwise exposed fingertips (these will be perfect for winter photography and bike-lock fumbling)
  • Pink Christmas
  • The renfesty one (near Odeonsplatz), which was suprisingly crowded, considering the lack of soup-in-a-bread-bowl until we got ourselves some Feuerzangenbowle (see the goblets with rum-soaked sugar cubes on the side? Yeah, they light that stuff on FIRE!)

Aw, bummer, we’d just missed him!

8 thoughts on “Five Munich Christmas Markets and an upcoming trip to Turkey”

  1. Mandi

    Ooh, thanks for the reminder — still have my (used) mug from last night’s Christmas market sitting in my purse. Definitely wouldn’t have minded buying a fresh new one — maybe I should try asking next time!

    1. cliff1976

      My pleasure, Mandi. Here are the mugs I was talking about:
      Glühwein Tassen vom Chinesischen Turm

      1. Mandi


  2. Dave

    Nice pics! I just made it to Haidhausen this year, at least in Munich. But I have also been to Christmas Markets in Vienna, Salzburg, Bad Toelz, and Regensburg. Most food: Regensburg. Cheapest Glühwein: Salzburg.

    Picutres from four of five coming eventually. It was a lot for one week though; next year I might try going when it’s not -5C out. But when visitors are here, no choice… so I made the best of it with lots of Glühwein and chocolate coated fruit :-)

    1. cliff1976

      You dig on the chocolate-coated fruit? I stick to Quarkbällchen and roasted nuts and half-meters of grilled sausage, myself.

      What’s your take on the big market in Nürnberg? Managed to skip out on that one this year.

      1. Dave

        Hmm… I have never been to the one in Nürnberg, actually. Maybe next year I will hit that up. I think I liked Regensburg the best this year. But the “locals” stand off on a side street in Salzburg with 1.50 drinks was awesome.

        I love the roasted nuts too… and the occasional fried Tasche or donut-like-thing…

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