Christmas Turkey tips

As previously mentioned, we’ve signed up for a trip to the Turkish Riviera. Would y’all who’ve previously been there please generously deposit your tips as comments here?

We’re looking for helpful hints and activity suggestions regarding the Turkish Riviera specifically or travel to/within Turkey in general.

Here’s our rough itinerary:

  1. Depart Munich on December 19th in the evening
  2. Arrive Antalya pretty late on that same night
  3. Catch a hotel/resort shuttle to our chosen resort
  4. Do stuff for about 9 days
  5. Catch a hotel/resort shuttle to the airport and fly home to Munich

It’s that fourth one in the list up there that’s stumping us. We’re already poring over the web, but personal input from you (link to your own blog posts about it if you like) trumps that.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Turkey tips”

  1. Scott

    You should have some kids. Then you won’t have problems with spontaneous travel itineraries for a very long time. :-)

  2. Tammy

    I thought this was a food post from the title!

    You MUST try the baths. I’ve heard they are awesome, but I’d like to get your perspective on having a burly Turkish woman scrubbing you down with abrasive substances in a hot bathhouse.

  3. Mom

    Once the kids arrive, it takes about 35 years to have any “on a whim” travel. Travel now! Dad’s spending 7 weeks in Mexico; I’ll get almost four. :( While you are traveling, you can check out cool places for us to tour in a few years.

  4. tqe | Adam

    I liked–no loved–my Turkish bath experience. I’d do it again.

    I might even go to Turkey just to get another one.

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