Possibly spoiled Turkey

I’ve made a huge mistake. Maybe.

When we came up with this travel plan, it seemed like a good idea. Let’s not be such control freaks! Pay someone else do all the research! Which is why travel agencies exist, right?

But here’s the rub: six years of planning our own travel have left us pretty exacting about our likes and dislikes. And since we never have to communicate them to anyone else, we may have forgotten to do so when we broke from routine and let someone else take the wheel.

We didn’t tell them explicitly that we like to be able to leave the hotel grounds under our own power or by using public transit. We didn’t explain that we’re more into cultural pursuits than hanging at the the hotel drinking. We didn’t stop to really consider what ‘all-inclusive’ truly includes (and whether it’s something you’d want).

And we forgot to tell the kind, patient, early-twentysomething agent helping us that we are not 60-year-old Germans.

So, oops.

If the above sounds like your thing, awesome! No judgement on my part. But it’s not really a fit for us. It looks like there’s a variety of excursions available through on-site travel agents that might be helpful and we’re going to try one tomorrow. Plus, there are cars you can rent right here at the hotel, if you want to get out there on your own. Our bus trip to Side (see-duh) today showed us that the traffic isn’t crazy, so we might keep that as an option. Or just take the bus again – it seemed pretty easy once you learn how to work.

We remain cautiously optimistic. Any stories out there of a vacation that seemed like it was a bad fit but turned out well would be much appreciated!

7 thoughts on “Possibly spoiled Turkey”

  1. CN Heidelberg

    Ooh, I understand your concerns. Hope you are able to get around and have some control! :)

    1. Sarah

      Yeah, I guess this will render me immune to the charms of those deals in the travel agency windows.

  2. Jul

    I have a story about a vacation that started out bad – it’s how I spent the millennium. All-inclusive resort, very few local activities… oh, but wait, it never got better. Unless you consider your brother getting into a drunken New Year’s Eve brawl with the townies ‘turning out well’. Never mind.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. Sarah

      Ouch. OK, that’s less than encouraging. But I will totally buy you a drink if you’ll give the details.

      So something good DID come out of it!

      1. Jul

        You’re in luck, there is an oral tradition of epic poetry about this very event in my family. Let me know when you’re ready for the first verse.

  3. headbang8

    When in Rome, sit around the pool with a margarita.

  4. Brian

    Coupla things.

    1) We went to visit some friends in Germany a couple years back and the trip was bookended by massive suck with all sorts of airline drama: missed flights, awful seats, missing luggage, the works really. BUT once we arrived, the trip was fantastic (except for a minor bit of Verona unfortunateness saved by the simple fact that we had a hell of a lot of fun watching Project Runway on a laptop in a charming little B&B). It ended up being one of our favorite vacations, along with a trip to Puerto Vallarta with the same friends.

    B) Hanging out at the hotel drinking has quite a bit to recommend it so don’t knock it until you try it. Hotels are fantastic for a couple of reasons. They’re always cleaner than my house or at least there’s less dog hair in the corners, and food is but a phone call away. Also, pools. And sometimes gambling. The only reason to leave is to shop, but the thing they never tell you about foreign parts is that they’re full of foreigners. You’d think Lonely Planet would mention that.

    I’m sure things will improve; you guys will find a way. In the meantime, all my love and Merry Christmas!

    Oh, and I’m really pushing for the next cruise to be European so y’all can tag along, provided this one doesn’t put me off cruises (or our friends) forever.

    Your Ugly American friend.

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