Happy Epiphany

This is what it looks like around here lately — the picture’s from three days ago, but this morning, it started snowing again (though with not quite the same intensity). Enjoy the holiday, if it is one for you. I am enjoying not riding my bike to work in this…today. But tomorrow, it’s back to the snowy bike commute for me.

3 thoughts on “Happy Epiphany”

  1. Alex Fink

    Remembers me that my car wouldn’t work today. The battery was frozen. Wish you a merry weekend!

  2. Tammy

    It is supposed to really start coming down tomorrow.

  3. Mom

    It’s about the same here, with up to 5 inches expected by tomorrow. All the neighbors who left their lights up will put them on. Nell and I have started shoveling the driveway. Dad will call tonight and say it is a little overcast in PV. :)

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