Notes from our Rbg-FRA-DFW-PVR marathon

We were scheduled to leave Regensburg on EuroNight 420 at 00:14. We actually left 40 minutes later than scheduled. Still arrived at Frankfurt/Main Hbf 35 minutes early. This was our first experience with EuroNight. We had Sitzwagen tickets — nice and cheap, but rather cramped in our compartment with 3 other travelers and all their stuff. Would it be possible to buy a few seats per person in order to stretch out? We saw other compartments with some passengers all sprawled out by themselves or sharing a 6er compartment. How’d they manage that? Maybe just lucky that all their fellow compartment passengers got off the train early? And if they wanted to lay down, why not buy Liegewagen tickets? I think we’ll do that next time.

The post-Fruit-of-the-Boom-era extra security screening at the ticket counter upon checking in was the same old questions, just no longer phrased as yes/no questions, with a few new questions, like “how long have you owned that piece of luggage you’re checking?” But they made us split up for separate questioning even though we told them we’re married because we didn’t share a last name (or presumably part of one, like in a hyphenation situation) and didn’t have our marriage certificate on us (should we schlep a copy of that with us everywhere we go again? We used to have to do that in the early phase of our move here for bureaucratic purposes), even though our one piece of baggage to be checked had both our names and common address on it.

For the FRA to DFW flight, we were sitting in a row marked “DC ELECTRONIC POWER OUTLET AVAILABLE UNDER SEAT.” Never used one of those before. Is there some kind of adapter I can buy to plug in my laptop? I didn’t get a close look at the receptable, but it looks like it would accept a round plug. What voltage is it?

Time to get on our flight to PVR pretty soon. Greetings from DFW (nice airport, Texans!).

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  1. expatsagain

    Thanks for the heads up on the FRA to DTW flight. We’re headed back to the U.S. late March for a visit and were wondering what the new security might be like.

    1. cliff1976

      Doh! I goofed it up after all. That was supposed to be “DFW” in the title, as in Dallas-Fort Worth. I’m correcting it now. We’re exploring options for a flight to DTW as the destination this summer. Usually DTW is more on our radar than DFW and I took special (but ineffective) pains to get that right.

      But in general, the “new security” was pretty routine, just with the questions formulated for more detailed answers. Our flights — both of them — were quite sparsely populated, and the whole trip seemed to go so smoothly (everything seemed to be happening comfortably just ahead-of-schedule), so maybe the more detailed security procedures didn’t have a chance to wreak havoc, flare tempers, or bog down the process.

      Something else that struck us as new:
      In the secured area at the gate in FRA for our flight to DFW, there was a uniformed and armed police officer, overseeing what I can only assume were strip searches behind some white mobile dividers. That seemed new. Not sure who got selected for that, or why, but at least a few travelers got pulled aside for that.

  2. Jen

    I did the FRA to DFW leg on my way home for Christmas, and maaaan, that’s one long-ass flight! And then it seemed like I had to walk half a mile to get to customs and all that.

    1. cliff1976

      Well, it was supposed to be 11:05 in the air, but we got to DFW early, and we slept a fair amount unterwegs (albeit unrestfully), so it didn’t feel as long as it could have, I guess. Plus, it was an AA 777, with individual screens on the seat backs in front of us — with usable tilts! — to keep us entertained with the likes of “Four Christmases” and “Cougartown” (meh and meh, respectively).

      Certainly not as eternal-feeling as the Amsterdam-Beijing route I flew in January 2005. That’s my record for the longest flight I’ve ever been on, I think. I thought it was something like 12 or 13 hours, but searching Kayak just now, I found nonstop AMS-PEK routes for less than 10 hours in the air. *head scratching*

      Did the planes get faster since then?

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