poolside webcam

The connectivity down at the pool is great, but the screen visibility in
the sun is not. Fortunately, a towel remedies that nicely.

Today we stocked up at the grocery store on our favorites: chorizo,
Malibu, those lime-flavored coated “japones” peanuts, coconut yoghurt.
Tomorrow will probably be a whale watching expedition. Low-key stuff
today was a good idea given the monster travel day yesterday.

11 thoughts on “poolside webcam”

  1. spooneb

    Sigh. I miss that. Have a good time, y’all.

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks, spooneb. We’re flying solo as of tomorrow afternoon, when the Schwester and Schwager head back Up Nort. Not sure what we’re going to (besides lounge at the pool). I have it on good authority that the shrimp fajitas here at the snackbar are outstanding (new owners since you were here), so I want to try those out. Perhaps some segway travel around the marina and a snorkeling trip are in our future as well.

      And oddly: I’m hearing a lot more French Canadian down here than I have in the past. Corresponds to increased sightings of Quebec license plates in the parking lot, for sure.

  2. Yelli

    Looks wonderful!!! It is snowing here in Berlin. Again. Please bring the sun back with you! (if you want to come back!)

    1. cliff1976

      You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait til I get today’s whale watching pictures uploaded. Stay tuned!

  3. Margot

    I really didn’t need to see that. Have a good time! (Perhaps a redundant wish.)

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks + Sorry, Margot! The good times are rolling in full swing already, with more to come.

  4. Jentry

    Yeah yeah…rub it in with all your talk of the sun and sunshine…salt, meet wound… :) …at least try to send some our way or bring it back with you when you come back!

    1. cliff1976

      Well, see, someone didn’t come through on a Snuggie from the U.S. for me (*wink*), so I had to go get my own warmth down here. And there’s plenty. But I don’t know how I’ll sneak all that sunshine and especially the relaxing, soothing wave patterns back through customs in FRA. I think there’s a big Zoll to pay on that.

      1. Jentry

        Hey now…I can’t help it if my 4 month old is a shop-a-holic, especially when there’s a carter’s outlet.. :)…but I am going to the PX on Monday, so I’ll see what I can do… :)

        1. Jentry

          No snuggie…damn…

          1. cliff1976

            Oh well — I’ll get through the winter somehow. Thanks a bunch anyway for looking!

            29°C and breezy here today — perfect for catching rays and washing them off in the pool and then repeating the cycle.

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