Puerto Vallarta 2010 wrap-up

The Newlyweds...well, two years ago
The Newlyweds...well, two years ago
Our favorite aspect of this trip was visiting my sister and brother-in-law for the first time since, well, he became my brother-in-law.

Was it just a fluke?
Or was it just a fluke?
We relied on their expertise for the whale-watching expedition, which I’m sure was the second highlight of the trip. They knew all the stuff necessary to guarantee an excellent whale-watching day: where to take the bus, how to pick a boat captain, and especially how to get those whales to jump out of the water as we approached them.

But after they headed home to crappy weather, we stuck around down here for another week,

  • soaking up the sun at the pool,
  • strolling up and down the beach,
  • observing the pelicans,
  • scouting around downtown and the local supermarket for good eats,
  • playing with camera gadgets (thanks Susie!),
  • and as is tradtional for a visit down here, OOHing and AHHing at the sunsets.

Here are some of our favorite shots of those activities:


Here are the rest of our favorite shots from this trip:

Stuff we (still) want(ed) to do (again) but which will have to wait until next time:

  • head over to Bucerias for Wednesday Night Tacos or just in general
  • check out the Botanical Gardens
  • watch baby turtles run down the beach after hatching
  • try various recommended resturants
  • Rent Segways® for zooming around the marina area
  • charter a sailboat and crew for a day sail around the bay

Some of these things are more fun or cost effective when you can split the cost more ways, or when someone who’s done it before can show you the ropes.

This has been an excellent trip, but we are dreading the return to reality. Planning our return always keeps us hopeful.

7 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta 2010 wrap-up”

  1. Carrie B.

    Welcome back, fellow travelers. I am glad you enjoyed the sun and surf. I thought about that deeelicious Molcajete that I had at the marina. NOMNOMNOM. We must do this again sometime, except with more loafing and maybe less sailing (and hopefully less sea sickness). ¡Vaya con Dios, Alemanes temporales!

    (Heh. “Temporary Germans.”)

  2. Jentry

    Great pics guys!!! Welcome home (a bit late)! We MUST get together at some point!

    Just so you know Cliff, you can actually get a Snuggie on amazon.de…link below. They aren’t that expensive, so even though I couldn’t follow through with getting you one in the US, at least I found where you can get them here…that’s something, right? :)


    1. Jentry

      Oh, and then at the bottom of the search page on Amazon, there’s a book on Autism…WTF? What does that have to do with a Snuggie?

    2. cliff1976

      Thanks Jentry — my Snuggie hopes are still alive!

    3. Sarah

      I don’t know if we’re all that loyal to the Snuggie brand – the Slanket in the SkyMall catalogue was looking pretty tempting. And there are so many colors!

  3. Megan

    Looks like it was a nice way to skip the grey January days in Germany…

  4. Jen


    You were supposed to bring the sunny warm weather BACK to dreary winter Germany with you. I could use some of that sun about now.

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