Beware the Ides of March

Yeah, I know. We’ve still got a couple weeks ahead of us on that topic.

But a colleague of mine plans to return to Germany / Regensburg / the office on that day after a big long business trip around several of our company’s Asian locations. When asked, he said he’d return on March 15th, which you and I know as the Ides of March.

I said

Whoa. Be careful.

He said


I said

March 15th! On that day Julius Caesar was murdered!

He said

Cliff, what are you talking about?

I said, with disbelief

Um, “Et tu, Brute?” and all that?

His eyes told me he had no idea what I was talking about.

I said

OK, March 15th is pretty famous as a bad luck day because Kaiser Julius got stabbed in the back by people he trusted on that day.

He said

Wow, Cliff, you know a lot about history.

He walked off and I stood there, shaking my head. This is country of Asterix and Obelix. This is the country whose Gymnasien made me sit through 4th-year Latin classroom instruction, reading Pliny the Elder and tales of Roman conquest and exploration throughout Gaul and Brittania (uh…18 years ago…maybe things have changed since then). This is Shakespeare’s spiritual Heimat (as far as they are concerned). This is the country of Roman baths and where people know what Q.E.D. stands for.

But the Ides of March — or even the significance of March 15th — is a mystery? But that reminds me of a similar incident a few months ago: another guy in our same office is getting married on May 8th.

I say

Congratulations! May 8th, May 8th, May 8th, why does that sound familiar to me?


Oh right, ‘L’ — I guess you’re capitulating, huh?

L says

Uh, what?

So then I told him about V-E Day, and how Russians celebrate it on May 9th, and all I got were those polite nods and grunts you receive when the conversation has lost its relevance and can we please just go back to looking at our computer screens?


While it seems the rest of Germany gets their Fasching on Rosenmontag or Faschingsdienstag on, the big deal for Nürnberg was apparently Sunday (we headed home to Regensburg that afternoon, so we’re not sure if it got any goofier on Monday or Tuesday). Here are some shots of from the parade. It was freezing, but the kitsch was still fun.

Oldest Bratwurst Kitchen in the World?  Regensburger Historische Wurstküche, are you going to take that lying down???
Oldest Bratwurst Kitchen in the World? Regensburger Historische Wurstküche, are you going to take that lying down???
The Ugly is just a mask
The Ugly is just a mask
Angels, Demons, Monks
Angels, Demons, Monks
Hello, Nurse!
Hello, Nurse!
Candy in Flight
Candy in Flight

Greetings from Nürnberg

Oh no I didn't!Oh no I didn’t! When I say rooves, I mean rooves! Especially on this blog!

Snowy Nürnberg RoovesHere are some more snowy rooves. I know you’ve been missing them since we moved from the top floor loft to essentially two ground floor apartments across town. Thanks, Nürnberg!

Sieg Miao!There’s apparently a protest movement going on about Neo-Nazi clothing brands and the stores used to sell it. I tried googling it quickly, but I’m still at a loss. The English wikipedia article makes it sound like a clothing company with an unfortunate choice of logo (in the past at least), whereas the German sites my searchers turned up claimed it’s clothing line for Nazis, by Nazis (the Aryan FUBU?). The text on the billboard informs us that Nazis are camouflaging themselves. Nürnbergers, care to clarify this topic for us?

Mr. MinstrulFollowing up with another cheery racial theme, how about Mr. Bleck? This topic intrigues me in two ways. First because of how freakin’ hard it must be for Germans to say the vowel sound I know and love in such words as “cat,” “scratch,” and — say it with me now — “black.” Apparently “bleck” and “black” are tonally indistinguishable ’round these parts. OK. But if you have a minstrel as your logo, shouldn’t you just call yourself “Mr. Black” and be done with it? AFAIK, “Bleck” doesn’t have any other meaning to it in German that would allow for a pun…I guess, unless it’s the proprietor’s name or something.

Kinda weird that the vegetarian aspic loaf is on the meats.



I read’s feed for good deals on stuff — typically electronics, but not always (and I rarely buy anything, but enjoy their product descriptions).  Now and then they also put together excellent collections of content for pure entertainment’s sake.

I saw this page today (linked above):  Nicholas Cage, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Krazy Kiefer Sutherland shilling for the Japanese market, and some true-to-form Kyle MacLachlan Twin Peaks canned japanese Coca-Cola-company-produced coffee weirdness*.  Enjoy.