We’re back…ugh.

This weather is awful! Who messed it up so badly while we were gone? I miss pretty much everything about Puerto Vallarta right now.

In less gripey news, it only took us 25 or 26 hours of continuous travel to get home to Regensburg (it was at least 29 on the way down). Time to take a shower and spend some time reclining.

4 thoughts on “We’re back…ugh.”

  1. Tammy

    Welcome back – enjoy the shitty weather. The sun actually came out today, so relatively speaking, this was a nice day.

    1. cliff1976

      Although the streets in our neighborhood looked awful this morning and the snow flurries off the roof of our office building were daunting, I think it actually turned out to be a decent day (what I could see of it out my window). It wasn’t even really cold coming home today, despite the wind.

  2. Hezamarie

    Hey Guys! Thanks for the lovely postcard. It rocks to get mail. Sadly, I completely forgot about the Texas postcards I bought and now they are here with me, giving me the stink eye. Now that you’re back in the winter madness, do you like to sled?

    1. cliff1976

      We would sled if we had the equipment and transportation to a mountainous area. Pitch us your idea!

      Glad you liked the card.

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