Microblogging Meets Regensblogging

Sarah got me a swell iPod Touch for Valentine’s Day. So, what must-have apps will complete the experience for me? I already tried the WordPress app, but for some reason, it’s not playing nicely with this blog. Also have Skype installed, which works great.

14 thoughts on “Microblogging Meets Regensblogging”

  1. Tammy

    I don’t know what the app is called, but I’m sure it’s on the list Matthias sent. It is the sleep one. It rocks…

  2. cliff1976

    Yeah, unfortunately, they don’t support the iPod Touch. I checked that one out first…sounded cool.

  3. tqe | Adam

    I’ve had problems with the WordPress App–in particular the one time I wrote a long blog entry on it, it didn’t save locally and I ended up rewriting it several times and having to save it to the server. Not a great impression. I mainly use the App to monitor comments on the blog–for which it works great!

    1. cliff1976

      Hmm, well, I can’t get version 2.2 of the WordPress App to even get that far — I put in my blog’s URL and username and password and it never gets past the “Validating…” screen with the windmill spinning around.

      I’ve also tried renaming my xmlrpc.php file on my blog (that worked in the past for remote blogging from flickr, for example) but appears to get me no further here. Hrmph. What’s that nifty train schedule app you have? Is it free? Will it work with WLAN-only connection capabilities?

      1. tqe | Adam

        I’m too technically incompetent to help you with the WordPress problem–good luck with it–it seemed to work automatically for me.

        As for the train apps, I have two: ZugInfo which is the travel planning one, and then Fahrplan, which is the live arrivals/departures boards. In theory one can do travel planning through Fahrplan, but I’ve never found the interface to be that friendly.

        1. cliff1976

          Oh weird, it finally worked! Not sure what I did differently with this attempt.

        2. cliff1976

          How do you like ZugInfo versus DB Navigator? I’ve loaded both apps, but haven’t put either to the test yet.

          1. tqe | Adam

            I do not know DB Navigator. I shall have to check it out.

            ZugInfo, to me, is very well thought out and easy to use- it’s never driven me crazy by its complexity.

            1. cliff1976

              Yeah, I liked the look and feel of ZugInfo, and especially the ability to save connections for offline viewing (given my iPod Touch), but haven’t tried out the official product yet.

  4. J

    The DB Nav is excellent as far as trip planning goes. However, you have to be connected to wifi for it.

    I love the WordPress App and have never had a problem with it.

    Let’s see, I have so many, what are you looking for?

    NYTimes is good as is the BBC World News. Units is good for conversion. XE is a currency converter, Dopplr has an App, I also like Google Earth and Planets.

    Give me more of an idea what you’re looking for. I’ve got way too many Apps.

    1. cliff1976

      My iPod touch has Bluetooth, apparently. Haven’t been able to tranfer any files between devices yet. What’s up with that? Is OBEX not an option? Is the bluetoothiness intended only for audio devices like headsets and microphones?

      I readily admit to being lazy and not having searched on this topic yet at all. I hope I can find some app or workaround to enable this.

  5. J

    I can’t help you with that one. Mine is the 1st gen model and doesn’t have it.

  6. scatterlined

    Skype doesn’t work that well for me, plus it needs the custom headphones…

    My top apps include: Byline (Google RSS Reader with offline caching), NYTimes (again with offline caching), Classics (Book reader), StopWatch, 1Password and Things (both make more sense if you have a Mac), TripIt, LinkedIn, Remote, Twitterific, Simplenote (Daring Fireball explains why), Fahrplan, PCalc Lite, Facebook, Yammer, Rise&Shone and Instapaper (free). Games that have been too addicative include Trace, TapDefense and AFII Lite.

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks for the input, scatterlined. I will check those out.

      My iPod touch came with headphones with an integrated mic and volume control, but they were the lousy earbud kind (Hate those! Who doesn’t? Why does Apple continue to include them? Oh, hopefully so you’ll think you’re the freak and everyone else likes them and gee, guess you’ll have to cough up €80 for the Apple-branded in-the-canal-earphones with the same integrated mic and volume control…). I coughed up for some Sennheiser in-the-canal earphones with an integrated mic (opted out of the volume control) with which I am quite pleased.

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