Four-year Renovation Project on Regensburg’s Steinerne Brücke

Regensburg’s most recognizable secular landmark (according to me, anyways) is getting a built-on detour for Fußgänger (pedestrians) and Radfahrer (cyclists…sounds so much more intent than “bikers,” doesn’t it?). We’d been watching some construction activity on the North (our) side of the bridge for a few weeks, but only became really interested when they started to erect a structure in parallel to the bridge. That finally inspired us to try and figure out “what that should” (Was soll das!?). We got the scoop from our favorite local news source, TVA. Admittedly, we’ve cut ourselves off from local news a bit of late.

Turns out it’s going to be a big ol’ project to renovate it in four phases. And this is only the first phase. On the one hand, I’m just glad they’re not isolating Stadtamhof residents even further by completely closing the Steinerne to foot/bike traffic, given that the Protzenweiher Brücke is still closed to car traffic following its barge-collision meltdown several years ago (and it looks like they’re building a new foot/bike bridge in parallel to the existing wooden workaround). And don’t forget that what used to be our Netto is still at least the better part of a year away from being a usable grocery store again.

On the other hand, I wonder if such a project really can only be carried out in such a manner, and whether that is really in the spirit of Denkmalschutz and whether emergency vehicle traffic (Notarzt, Krankenwagen, Polizei) will finally also have to be re-routed around the Steinerne Brücke. Of course, if this renovation project will allow taxis and buses to use the bridge, then maybe it’s worth it. I’m sure we’d use the bus more if the three or four lines which used to stop at our Netto would become viable options again.

Anyone got more scoop?

3 thoughts on “Four-year Renovation Project on Regensburg’s Steinerne Brücke”

  1. Jen

    Why do they need to renovate the bridge? When we were there when I was visiting here in September, it looked fine to me, but then I’m not a resident or a bridge expert so I don’t know the scoop. LOL. :-) Regensburg, by the way, must be my favorite stadt in Germany. Gorgeous!

    1. Sarah

      The bridge was actually open to taxis, buses and emergency vehicles when we moved here six years ago. Then about 3 years ago, they closed it to all except pedestrians and cyclists (you still see the odd police car or ambulance, though) due to stressed areas discovered upon examination. Maybe the work now is just to shore up those structural issues they found before.

      You have a couple of photos that come up in your banner image that I thought were from Regensburg – I guess I was right!

    2. cliff1976

      Not as gorgeous with all the new construction happening nearby, I’m afraid:

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