5 thoughts on “I thought we’d gotten past this.”

  1. tqe | Adam


    Oh how I wish…

    It’s unpleasant blowing snow, and while I was at the Weimar Office, its door kept blowing open, so I left after less than an hour. A record short morning visit for me.

  2. Jul

    Yay snow!

  3. Margot

    Well, we have no more snow, but it’s cold. For some amusement, check out this news article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8551528.stm

  4. Emily

    Aaargh, not more snow! Poor you! I was so fed up with the snow when I boarded my flight over here that I don’t think I could have faced yet more of it. I do so hope this winter ends soon!!!!

  5. Jen

    All I can do is…*sigh.*

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