Meetup 2010 Planning Begins

The new planning threads are open for WEBUM (Whiny Expat Bloggers Unmissable Meetup) 2010 over on the discussion board.

For those of you new to this experience, it’s a chance for the English-speaking expat bloggers here in Germany to get together and put faces to screen names. We’ve previously met in Marburg, Bonn, Dresden, Bremen and Munich and mostly in late summer or early fall, but first poll is up now if you want to weigh in or pitch your city as our next destination. The board does require you to have a login, but, if you’re a blogger in Germany, getting one is easy:

1. Click on the above link,
2. click on ‘Register’ at the top of the page and
3. wait for approval (usually takes less than a day).

Where and when will we end up this year? You can help decide!

5 thoughts on “Meetup 2010 Planning Begins”

  1. J

    yay, here we go again!

  2. Sarah

    I know. I’m already excited. W00t!

  3. Margot

    What a clever idea. Some day you must meet in Provence.

  4. yg

    ooo. i hope it ends up in frankfurt.

  5. yg

    speaking of which actually, cliff, would you mind contacting me at the email address i’ve put in here? i would like to write a short about this meeting (past and upcoming) for our website (

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