Lufthansa Sale Alert!

Just got an e-mail from Lufthansa this morning that they’re doing a 48-hour Fall & Winter fare sale. There are some good looking prices for travel from Germany to North & South America, Asia and Africa. Departures from 15 October, 2010, to 31 January, 2011, and returns from 17 October, 2010, to 28 February, 2011, are valid. Blackout dates do apply – 16 December, 2010 to 8 January, 2011 – sorry, Christmas travelers. You must purchase by midnight, 5 March and if you can plan this far in advance, it looks like a nice deal – up to 30% off.

Blast from the past, potentially

Check this out: a UXB got some people at work a couple hours off work today. (Not me, though. I got to continue working normally.)

This is the second time since Fall 2009 that leftovers from WW2 have had a direct impact on me. Another time, my train from Nürnberg to Regensburg had to be re-routed because of a bomb dug up at a construction site near the railway. Has it ever happened to you?