international currency and telecommuncation

If you’re going to try to scalp merch to people outside the U.S., you probably should learn how to make your conditions and contact info intelligible.

This sort of thing sends me into an admittedly disproportionate fit of rage, or at least a *headdesk*, every time.


6 thoughts on “international currency and telecommuncation”

  1. headbang8

    I hope he gets caught at by the Zollschwein at the airport.

  2. G

    Speaking as someone who always brings electronics with me, why would he? But also, although it may be silly to not know how to use a ¢ symbol (easier on Mac), what’s wrong with the contact info? If you don’t know how to dial out-country, or can’t google it, you are either my Dad or someone who doesn’t really want an iPad. (Unless that’s not a US number?).

    That’s not the first ad I have seen, although it seems more popular in Asian countries.

  3. yg

    oh my.

  4. ian in hamburg

    Some guy on Toytown was trying to unload an unwrapped iPad for 700 euro the other day. He came down in price, not sure if he sold it though.

  5. cliff1976

    H: Well, I guess I only wish him Zollprobleme if it’s really a scalpy Schwarzmarktsituation. People sometimes ask me to smuggle stuff back for them (“but I can save a couple hundred Euro if you buy it in the U.S. for me!”), and up until now, I’ve never exceeded the personal allowance. But I dread the question for upcoming trips.

    G: I don’t expect everyone to know how to reproduce all possible currency symbols (though kudos to anyone who does; I think that’s neat), but ASCII ISO codes not conflicting with the symbols used would be a good start. I mean, $700 is pretty clear. €700 is pretty clear. USD 700 or 700 USD is pretty clear, just like EUR 700 or 700 EUR.

    $700 EUR gives me a seizure.

    Let’s flip that telephone number issue around for perspective:

    “Hey North Americans, want to do business? Email me or SMS me in Germany at 0172 555 1234.”

    There’s something about the expectation that everyone knows the country code for the U.S. is +1 that makes me cringe, even if it’s true.

  6. Yelli

    I feel your {{cringe}} and raise you another one!

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