Not Eating Out in New York » Win the How To Cook Everything iPhone App (and a conversation with Mark Bittman)

How to Cook Everything appHow to Cook Everything appHow to Cook Everything app

Not Eating Out in New York » Win the How To Cook Everything iPhone App (and a conversation with Mark Bittman).

I read this blog (linked above) mostly for a little inspiration — a lot of the stuff is hard for us to get/make, or involves ingredients I don’t particularly like (think squash). But today I saw an entry from the author referencing another foodie dude I read — Mark Bittman — and a new iPhone/iPod Touch app he’s published in the store.

This app, entitled (like his book) “How to Cook Everything,” is awesome. For an app from a “minimalist,” it sure is feature- and content-rich. You get the entire contents of the book, which has been on my Wish List for a long time (but no more), plus swell search options, built in timers (when you hit that part of the recipe instructions to let something sit for x minutes, there’s a built-in timer right there for you to use and modify if necessary), and a really nifty grocery shopping list.

All this for a measly €1,59 — so I snapped it up immediately.

10 thoughts on “Not Eating Out in New York » Win the How To Cook Everything iPhone App (and a conversation with Mark Bittman)”

  1. Jen

    Ooooo…I’ve been looking for a foodie iPhone app! Thanks for the tip!

    1. cliff1976

      It’s already delivered two great new recipes (on just one evening). Best part: we chose them based on ingredients we had lying around (and a strong aversion to making ourselves presentable enough to shop).

      I can’t wait to make some more.

  2. Mark Douglas

    Thanks for the nice mention and comments. Makes all the hard work more enjoyable.

    Mark A. Douglas,, creators of Mark’s “How to Cook Everything” App.

    1. cliff1976

      My pleasure, Mark. Gabrielle’s Lemon Squares are in the oven right now. I expect those to add my pleasure as well.

  3. Jul

    Looks interesting. Will have to note for when I finally end up in possession of an app-using device.

    1. cliff1976

      Yeah, but the bummer is that the price has gone up in the meantime. It’s now 4€ at the iTunes store. Still doable, but it was exciting at 1,69€.

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