3 thoughts on “Sorry England — close but no cigar”

  1. Snooker in Berlin

    LOVE IT!!
    Tee hee hee!!!

  2. Jen

    Snort!!! So great!

    By the way, what do you use to block spam comments on your blog? I am using WP-Spam Free and Askimet, but I’m getting reports that my blog is roughing people up a bit and not allowing normal comments. Annoying!

    1. cliff1976

      I use Akismet together with Bad Behavior. Akismet allows the comment to be placed and then maybe quarantined if it looks spammy. Bad Behavior prevents the comment from happening in the first place for certain defined patterns of suspicious behavior.

      Bad Behavior works pretty well, but it’s not perfect and like all of them, needs to be updated now and then.

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