Almost all the scaffolding is down

…and it looks great! I don’t think it’s looked this good since the freshly bepoped Pope came home for a visit in 2006 or so.


5 thoughts on “Almost all the scaffolding is down”

  1. Jen

    I think that church is wonderful! But then, you’re probably used to it. ;-)

    1. cliff1976

      Indeed, I am pretty used to it. I am looking forward to a visit to the Michel in Hamburg in good weather (because in December 2005 it was pretty lousy) as part of this year’s WEBMU WEBMU. Care to join us?

  2. Jul

    You remind me that the entire time we lived in Milan, the facade of its gorgeous duomo was covered. To this day the only time I’ve seen it uncovered was years before we lived there, on vacation (Scott’s first trip to Italy, my first trip to Milan).

    1. cliff1976

      It’s still on my list of places to visit!

  3. The Accidental Expat

    Cliff: Thanks for all of your comments– for whatever reason, my Blogspot auto-notification somehow got switched off, so I wasn’t immediately aware of any comments being made. All fixed now. Tell me about this WEBMU thingy– September is a busy month for me (family visits + work projects), but I’d be interested to hear more. Have fun in MI!

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