Middle Eastern Culinary Magic

Got in to Detroit just fine after something like 20 hours of travel, total. Everything went smoothly — even the 1.5 hour delay leaving Newark for the final air stretch wasn’t terrible.

When my sister picked us up at the airport, we got to choose between Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine for dinner out. She lives in Dearborn, so for me the choice was obvious.

We went to Al-Ameer and feasted on Hummus, Baba Ghanouche, Falafel, Fattoush, Grape Leaves, Lamb Shawarma, Chicken Shawarma, Ghallaba, and a new favorite: Hot Sujuk. My mouth is watering just writing these out, because it reminds me that I have leftovers for breakfast.

3 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Culinary Magic”

  1. Chris

    I know Al-Ameer well and have eaten there many times with my son and his wife. They lived in Dearborn until we moved to Munich and then they moved to our home in Toledo, OH. My daughter-in-law is Jordanian (and a wonderful cook) and it is by far her favorite restaurant. Their homemade pita is wonderful.

  2. cliff1976

    Shatila dessertWe used to be big fans of La Shish, until we came back to the Detroit area for a visit and found allegations of terrorist organization support and tax evasion and stuff like that. Fortunately, BIL Max knows lots of great stuff about Middle Eastern cuisine in Dearborn — where to eat, where to shop, how to prepare. After dinner at Al-Ameer, he took us over to Shatila for dessert (website’s terrible but the baked goods are the opposite).

    1. Chris

      We heard the very same things about La Shish, but we always preferred Al Ameer. They make the best chicken shawarma with an amazing garlic sauce. Shatila is another fav of ours as well. I love their sweets and their coconut ice cream is amazing, but so is the pistachio, strawberry (I could go on and on). One desert they make is knaffi (I hope I spelled that right). It is made of warm cheese, a shredded wheat topping with rose water. Of course, the baklava and all of the traditional baked goods are excellent. We especially like the atmosphere. I head back in Oct. and I will be sure to revisit both of these excellent locations.

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