“Do you think we’re ready for that kind of commitment?”

New York State Senator Savino’s case for same-sex marriage rights might be old news by now for some of you — apparently she voted in December 2009, and this clip was posted online at www.ted.com in August 2010, but it was new to me today.

I like this take on it; anyone screaming about the sanctity of marriage needs to whip out their sanctimeter at the local administrative offices and make sure all marriage license applicants measure up. Or just butt out.

2 thoughts on ““Do you think we’re ready for that kind of commitment?””

  1. J

    That was really good. And she is right.

  2. Snooker in Berlin

    Even though I already would have agreed with her argument and position, I somehow agree with myself more after listening to her. This was a fantastic speech.

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