has kitchen stuff on clearance!

Check out the clearance sale on! We just snagged this hot little number after waiting about 6 years, 5 months, and 2 weeks for the price differential to finally drop between U.S. and German prices down to more reasonable levels.

8 thoughts on “ has kitchen stuff on clearance!”

  1. Brian

    You’ll love that. The grinding attachment changed my life.

  2. Sarah

    I don’t just want to know how the sausage is made – I want to dictate!

  3. Tammy

    woo hooo!!!

  4. Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead

    Oooh, that’s hot! Sorry, had to quote Paris on that.
    I love, love, LOVE my KitchenAid. My in-laws brought it back for us/me last year for Christmas. Have it hooked up to a transformer — works awesome. One day, I hope to get the pasta machine for it. They are the best machines ever! :)

    1. cliff1976

      My sister and brother-in-law like their pasta making attachments. We’re going to give “real” Italian sausage a try here, since we just can’t seem to find anything close to it in stores.

      Then, maybe we’ll do the pasta-making thing too.

  5. Frau Dietz

    I thought I would come and say hello and


    I am SO envious, this is number two on my list of Things I Want But Will In All Likelihood Never Own (recently pipped by the €2.8million mill house near Eltville). Congratulations, and may your sausage-making be long and prosperous.

  6. cliff1976

    Brian: Our Siemens food processor, with its spinning disks, still probably wins for slicing/grating/julienning vegetables like potatoes and onions for Potato Latkes or carrots for Plov — reviews online anyway seem to indicate that. But grinding stuff up was a big motivator in this purchase.

    Tiffany: We thought about that, but didn’t want to have to deal with the transformer, and I had a strong suspicion that using it with the transformer would void the warranty. And I also suspected that buying it in the U.S. would obligate the use of a U.S. warranty return center, should that become necessary (but that’s just a gut feeling on my part). So, we were biding our time until this significant price drop came our way.

    Frau Dietz: Welcome! And stay tuned — I suppose we’ll start with this recipe or this one. Both have turned out fine as loose sausage or patties. I sort of wish grilling was still in season; I’d love to try making my own sausage and then grilling at someone else’s house (grilling is a no-go at ours, sadly, owing to a lack of a Hof).

  7. G

    Thanks so much for posting this… I’ve been looking at these since I got here as well, but had stopped. When the German noticed the computer opened to this, he thought it was a great anniversary present and now I am the proud owner of this thing of beauty… in the US, I never knew what color to get, the choice bewildered me, but here it was easy, with red being significantly cheaper than any other color. And it’s beautiful.

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