Da sind wir einig: Oktoberfest

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We spent the 20th anniversary of German Reunification in common song and spirit down in Munich with some pals who live there and were gracious enough to show us around. We’d been to Oktoberfest a couple times before, but kind of at random. It was a really fun time, though I have to say, a weekday late morning with real oompah music (as opposed to holiday weekend, with a party band) is my preference for next time. There was a little stress in getting to our reserved table on time due to some transportation issues (S-Bahn stopped running for some reason and we had to re-route), and once we got on the U4/U5 line to Theresienwiese, I started getting impatient (though not panicky) in the train and on the platform heading up to the Wiesn — but finding our table at the Schottenhamel tent made me feel better. And the prompt delivery of the main dish (liquid bread) made me feel a lot better.

5 thoughts on “Da sind wir einig: Oktoberfest”

  1. Jen

    That photo of you guys is ADORABLE. :-D

  2. Harvey Morrell

    I agree with Jen about y’all’s photo. And I’m very ‘neidig’ at your being able to go to the 200th anniversary edition of the Wiesn. :)

  3. cliff1976

    Why thank you Jen & Harvey!

    It was a fun time. Not sure I’d like to go more than once per year (it’s kinda loud and I tend toward quieter venues), but we sure had a blast.

  4. Tammy

    LOVE that photo!

  5. Jen

    Proud to have my hooters on your blog, you two adorable kids you. It was so much fun to get to know you better – strangely the second time together while screaming, listening to music that is really only good when you have a buzz on, and getting our buzz on. Let’s make sure our next meeting has all those components. :-)

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