Night shots of Iași

Unknown Church near Copou -- PA281181Got some local help on the evening activities on my most recent trip to Iași — mulțumesc to all. They helped me to see some aspects of their town — perhaps even their country — that were new to me, even though I’ve been to Iași more than ten times by now. Apparently, ancient art and architecture like these examples are abundant all over Romania, but as one of local friends said, they don’t put any effort into promoting foreign tourism. He noticed how easy it was for him to navigate around Austria’s treasures without speaking any German, because they have signage and guides and websites and brochures all catered to speakers of English, French, Italian, etc. Certainly Romania could profit greatly from visitors who can function in these languages, if not Romanian. So why not capitalize on it? It seems like such a small step to take to bring in money from tourism.

Or is the intent to keep Romania an insider’s secret?

Iași at dusk -- PA291189 Eminescu Tree and Obelisk -- PA281185

Unknown Church near the Cultural Palace -- PA291197 Unknown Church near the Cultural Palace -- PA291208

Front (but not the street side) of the Mitropolia -- PA291211

5 thoughts on “Night shots of Iași”

  1. Pops

    You take some really great shots……….Awesome!

    1. Adi
      1. cliff1976

        Adi: Wow, lots of great ideas there…thanks!

        Dad: Thanks!

  2. Cristi

    Great pictures! I’m glad you can find interesting things here even after more than 10 visits.
    At this place in Austria ( I got all I needed in Romanian … for free … and Romania can not offer even English for our tourists.
    Maybe it just as you said … secret :))

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks Cristi!

      If Romania will not learn a little English, then I suppose I will have to learn a little (more) Romanian.

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