Southern Germany Sampler: Day 5 — Lunch with Monks, Then Home to Regensburg

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We got up on time at the Hotel Alte Post in Oberammergau and the fog coming out of the mountains was too much for me to resist.
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After driving straight through downtown Munich — isn’t there a better way to do this!? — we arrived at Weltenburg near Kelheim about two hours later. It was time for some lunch and a little exercise, hiking up the hill to the Roman fortress ruins and checking out the chapel at the monastery.



And thus ended our road trip around Southern Germany.


3 thoughts on “Southern Germany Sampler: Day 5 — Lunch with Monks, Then Home to Regensburg”

  1. Irish Berliner

    Regensblog? Shit sorry, I stumbled in here by mistake, I thought ’twas about Ireland…

  2. TravelingServiceMan

    I know what you mean with traveling north from Oberammergau. Especially since they DO have a relatively nice city bypass if you are traveling up from the southeast from Salzburg. We were there with my parents this summer and driving down was a nightmare and driving back up was a nightmare.

    If you ever travel to Italy via Zurich, it is even worse. You end up traveling surface streets through downtown Zurich, by the central firehouse/hospital and the train station before getting back on an autobahn traveling south. Catastrophe.

  3. Yelli

    We are doing a similar trip soon and I remembered your post for recs. I checked out Hotel Alte Post and it looked perfect! They even had a Familienzimmer that fits all of us with 2 separate rooms! Unfortunately, they are closed until July 6th! Back to the drawing board… :)

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