Three Unusual Occurences

Slightly less graceful and demure than this
Slightly less graceful and demure than this
1) I was complimented on my hair color by the lady sitting across from me in the train. Why’s that weird? Well, I haven’t colored it in about 3 months, so I have about 2+ inches of root with my grown out highlights (foxeh!). Plus, it was dark. Plus plus, said lady’s style was…questionable. So, I took it with a grain of salt.

2) There’s a pretty good burrito place in Munich! I read about it at Servus München and finally got around to trying it a couple of days ago. Tasty, fast and inexpensive.

3) While in the subway in Munich, I was riding escalator down to the platform behind a totally normal-looking young woman. Smashed into grooves of the escalator were the remains of a pretzel that had been there for while (i.e., there were footprints on it). The woman stooped, peeled the pretzel off the step, touched it once to her lips (ZOMG!!1!), once to her forehead, shoved it in her pocket and turned to see if I had noticed.

Um, yes. Yes I did.