Three Unusual Occurences

Slightly less graceful and demure than this
Slightly less graceful and demure than this
1) I was complimented on my hair color by the lady sitting across from me in the train. Why’s that weird? Well, I haven’t colored it in about 3 months, so I have about 2+ inches of root with my grown out highlights (foxeh!). Plus, it was dark. Plus plus, said lady’s style was…questionable. So, I took it with a grain of salt.

2) There’s a pretty good burrito place in Munich! I read about it at Servus München and finally got around to trying it a couple of days ago. Tasty, fast and inexpensive.

3) While in the subway in Munich, I was riding escalator down to the platform behind a totally normal-looking young woman. Smashed into grooves of the escalator were the remains of a pretzel that had been there for while (i.e., there were footprints on it). The woman stooped, peeled the pretzel off the step, touched it once to her lips (ZOMG!!1!), once to her forehead, shoved it in her pocket and turned to see if I had noticed.

Um, yes. Yes I did.

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  1. CN Heidelberg

    Burrito? I have a sudden urge to visit Munich….

  2. annonamoose

    I am right behind you Heidelbergerin. mmmmmmmm
    Thank you for this post. I have to clean instead of enjoying the sun and snow, but this has put a smile on my face (ok, maybe not the third one).

  3. The Accidental Expat

    No flippin’ way– passable Mexi food in Bavaria!? Here we have the amusing/bitter disappointment of BBQ sauce fobbed off as “enchilada sauce,” broccoli as a key ingredient of a burrito, Spanish instead of Mexican chorizo (HUGE difference), and for that matter Spanish beer offered with a straight face as “Mexikanische bier.” While Berlin has several allegedly good Mexican food places, we’ve never had the gumption/time/budget/motivation to get up there. This sounds easier. Thanks for passing along the tip!

    1. cliff1976

      Speaking of Berlin and Mexican — yesterday Yelli introduced us to Dolores. That’s someone everyone visiting Berlin from TexMex-deprived areas of Germany should get to know.

  4. The Accidental Expat

    If you guys are in Berlin right now, could you take one for the team and check out this other Mexican place?

    Also, these blokes do home delivery in Berlin (?!), but appear to be on a sabbatical for the moment…



    1. cliff1976

      Sorry TAE — we’d love to take those places for a spin, but are short on time at this point and have a Brazilian brunch lined up as our last Berliner Mahlzeit of the trip. Perhaps our Berliner pals will be able to respond with their experiences.

    2. Sarah

      Oooooh, maybe next time we go to Berlin, we should make it an all-Mexican-food blowout! Fun idea, that.

      1. Yelli

        3rd time is a charm! We will see if the comment will work now! :)

        @theaccidentalexpat – the 2nd site you listed was by far some of the best Mexican food I have had in the US and most certainly Germany. The Mole sauce has just the right depth and spiciness. The salsa is fresh and hot…(I could go on but you get the point) Sadly, the owner had surgery. He is cooking right at this moment but after that…sigh…back to corn and quark substituting as Mex food until he recovers.

        I have found Maria Bonita to be overrated and inconsistent. I will admit I have only eaten at their Imbiss though. Since then, I think they have opened 2 other (cough hipster cough) joints. Maybe I should give them another chance but I will need to buy oversize sunglasses and wear my mustard tights with my vintage Russian oversized jacket complete with brass buttons.

  5. Tammy

    Dude, that last one was, by far, the oddest. As for the first, maybe you just looked your normal hot self and lady was trying to hit on you(??). Why not?

    Burritos sounds awesome.

    1. Sarah

      I know, right?! So weird and uncomfortable. I’m sure when she turned to look at me, I was not concealing the shock too well.

  6. emily

    We have yet another Mexican restaurant that’s brand new right by Viktualienmarkt called Milagros – you’ll have to check that one out as well. It’s beautifully decorated and the food is also delicious.

    Neither place has broccoli, carrots, yogurt, or canned corn. I hope they stay around!

    1. Sarah

      I have seen Milagros and wondered if it was any good – it’s a vivid pink place, right?

      I love that our standards for Mexican food have dropped to, “Is there broccoli in it?”

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