Getting a burrito in Munich

Two choices here, both courtesy of Emily over at Servus München (thanks!). Sarah noticed her nod to Wahaka, and later she clued us in to Milagros.


Not far from the Munich Hauptbahnhof, we ducked in there on a chilly Saturday afternoon. We both had chicken burritos and they came with the stuff you’d want: a nice limey salsa, guacamole, black or pink beans, seasoned rice, sour cream, shredded cheese. Sarah had a beef burrito once there, and the beef was Typical German Weirdbeef™ — but the chicken ones when I was in attendance were great. And about 5 lousy German corn chips.

So don’t go there if you’re expecting Dolores (like in Berlin). Given the reported Weirdbeef™ and chips, I’ll be cautious about trying other stuff. But the chicken burrito worked and I’d do that again. Just not on a Sunday, because they’re closed then. Also, there appeared to be a downstairs Party Room, possibly decorated with Piñatas in staircase. ¡Fiesta!


But Milagros at the Viktualienmarkt is open Sundays. We stopped in there a couple Sundays ago for an early lunch. Viktualienmarkt, when everything is closed and slushy, is really depressing. Good thing the restaurant was open, warm, and inviting. We were the only guests in there the whole time, so I think they’re either still getting the word out, or Viktualienmarkt is just like that Sundays around noon.

I had a burrito and Sarah had a chicken enchilada verde. They brought over a little pico de gallo and some outstanding corn chips. And the pico was wonderful — heavy on the lime and cilantro. The menu got me looking forward to cilantro soup, but sadly, it was unavailable. The burrito I got was kind of a letdown, flavor-wise. It might have been too much Mex and not enough Tex. But Sarah’s enchilada was excellent. As much as I liked the pico de gallo, chips, and the salsa verde on her enchilada, I think my favorite part of the meal was the stroll downstairs to see a man about a horse. The facilities were beautiful talavera tile and sinks, spotless, and generous. And playing on the Muzak de baño was a cute little vocabulary lesson intended for the German traveler making friends and visiting an internet cafe in a Spanish-speaking country.

Both places are worthy of another visit under the right conditions. Maybe I’ll call ahead next time to make sure that cilantro soup is really an option.

6 thoughts on “Getting a burrito in Munich”

  1. CN Heidelberg

    YUM. I wonder if Wahaka is related to London’s Wahaca? (Which is not bad.)

    1. Sarah

      No clue. I thought about trying the burrito place in London, but there’s too much Indian food there from which to deviate.

  2. The Accidental Expat

    While this doesn’t make me want to rush out to buy a Bayern Ticket and hightail it down to Munich, it’s great to see that there are now 2 viable options out there. Good stuff, and thanks for doing the research.

    It’s a bit of an open secret, but there is a place that supplies Mexican (and wannabe Mexican) restaurants in the region, and they do sell to the public. Their showroom in Forchheim has a limited but decent selection with legitimate made-in-Mexico brands. If you’re tired of waiting for good Mexican food to appear in Southern Germany (I’ve come to believe it won’t happen), you can DIY at home… I know, because B now makes her own corn tortillas here for that exact reason.

    1. Sarah

      This is the second time today that I’ve heard of someone making their own tortillas. Gotta get on that.

  3. Mom

    We made them in class twice. It was fun and easy. I borrowed my mother’s griddle and bought the masa at Meijer. I have not tried grinding my own corn yet, so if you can’t buy the masa, I don’t know what you would do. It does take a little time to get a feel for the how to handle the dough and I used a suggestion I had read to keep it from sticking to our hands and the tortilla press by using plastic wrap as a kind of shield.

    Buena suerte!


    1. cliff1976

      Looks like we can get masa harina from that link from The Accidental Expatriate for €2,50/kg plus shipping, unless we make a small road trip of it. We’d have to buy A LOT of it to make that worth the price of a rental car.

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