¿Sevilla en el invierno?

We’re looking at a possible trip to a long-time wishlist destination of ours: Spain. More specifically, Seville. We’re still in the planning stages, but are looking at a winter trip and would love to read your experiences there, regardless of season. Please write/link to them in the comments.

5 thoughts on “¿Sevilla en el invierno?

  1. Ellsass

    I spent a few days there this past July when it’s very hot (but I like hot). Sevilla is really supposed to bloom (and be booked solid) during their big festival in April.

    It’s a very nice town with lots of Moorish influence and a great tapas scene. Stay in the Barrio Santa Cruz — a very atmospheric maze of narrow streets. Follow your nose to eat. The cathedral is good even if you think you’ve seen enough European cathedrals. The main sites are pretty well covered by every guidebook and tourism brochure.

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks for the tip — we were already scoping out hotels and one we were interested in is in that area!

      We were thinking about visiting during the festival in April, but wanted to avoid the crowds.

  2. J

    Definitely go, Sevilla is one of my fav cities in the world. Ditto on staying in Bario Santa Cruz. Not only are there things to see and do there, but it’s also a great place for strolling and relaxing. If you have enough time, you might want to take a side trip to Cadiz (approx 2 hours by train).

    If you want to avoid the crowds, don’t go at festival time.

  3. cliff1976

    Great idea, J. We are thinking about making use of the train system to explore the area.

    1. Ellsass

      If by “the area” you mean Andalusia, you’ll find the bus network very useful. While daytrip-worthy Cordoba is on an AVE line, the White Hill Towns of Andalusia are much more accessible by bus. Just go to the bus station, look at the bus companies’ windows to see which ones travel to your destination, and buy a ticket on the spot. We had a comfy ride to Ronda (recommended day-trip) and back for very little money. You can try looking online ahead of time but many of the bus company websites are flaky at best. The forums at Trip Advisor are very helpful for planning routes.

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